Clarity, means pure, elegance, extreme......

Clarity, means pure, elegance, extreme......

Space is not only focus on functions, but on the spirit of quality if our life, put every protagonist on an environment that is happy and touching, let a resonance of profound memory, fell the exclusive high-quality service from an enterprise.

From the previous brand Gu She to today’s Jing Ming design and fabrication, aside form the purity of design as always, the linkage of experience is major focus, the new space to welcome the future, and to show the persist and the brand spirit of us.

We want to demonstrate the aesthetics concept of “clarity” through design, in a higher philosophical altitude, to restore a kind of “first state” of real world and spiritual world through “clarity”, these spaces that we designed, speaks through colour languages that is “free from impurities”, “through the vicissitudes of the world and the baptism of time, everything will fade from the flashy, show its most original state” tells slowly among through this language. 
Expectation can guide each viewer to pull away in the air without interference, recall their own experience, and gradually throw away their fatigue and burden.  In this self-attentional internal search, and eventually return to the self-light "true" and "original mind".